1What size and weight restrictions are there?
We can’t accept really large parcels. By really large we mean anything that weighs over 100 pounds and is longer than 2 meters.
2What is volumetric weight and how can I work it out?
We also have a maximum allowed volume which cannot be greater than 245cm. To work out the volume, you need to add together the 2 shortest dimensions and multiply this by 2. Add the length and if the number you get is less than 245 then you’re good to go
3What happens if I make a mistake when entering the volumes or weight?
If you enter the wrong information when creating a shipment, then the price will change. If we have to adjust the price of your shipment due to in-accuracies in the weight or dimensions, there is an administration charge of $5.
4What additional documentation is required?
There will normally be two labels produced for each package. The main copy goes on each package and the space label, known as the ‘archive label' is given separately to the driver. In addition for each shipment there is also a manifest printed, which should be signed by the driver upon collection. This is your proof of shipping. If you don't get your manifest signed then you may be unable to claim for your goods if they are lost.

1 What happens if my collection is delayed?
If the courier does not turn up to collect your parcel, it may be due to the fact they have had problems locating your home or office. Please contact us as soon as you realize there is a problem. If we find the collection has failed, we will also act to resolve the situation as soon as we realize there is an issue.
2What sort of delays can affect my package?
Collection and delivery problems: Collection problems – The courier may not be able to locate your home or office. Delivery problems – The courier may not be able to locate the delivery address. Delays outside our control: Weather delays Customs delays Vehicle breakdown Courier may run out of time due to congestion on the road or accidents Courier delays: The depot may make an error and not ship or dispatch your parcel for delivery. Your parcel may be miss-routed to the incorrect depot for delivery.

1 How do I make a claim and how long does it take?
To make a claim, you need to complete a claim form and send it in writing to info@oxfordcourierservice.com along with supporting documentation, within 5 working days in the case or damage and 14 days in the case of loss. We aim to resolve most claims within 28 days from receipt of the claim
2What are Prohibited Items?
We do not accept Prohibited Items for carriage and such are deemed to be Undeliverable Consignments. Prohibited Items are Items that are either restricted items that You cannot ship freely, or Items which may be dangerous if transported

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